Free Resources for Turning So-So PR Writers into Stars

October 19, 2016
By Lauren Edwards
Free Resources for Turning So-So PR Writers into Stars

Doing the very thing you don’t want to do often turns out well. Have you noticed that, too?

My own reluctant flip-flop is responsible for the free resources I’m about to share with all of you, dear fellow members of the Silicon Valley PRSA.

Here’s the advice I took: “If you find yourself answering the same question again, write a blog post about it and share the link.”

A former reporter for the Associated Press and a journalist/editor for 10 years, I wanted nothing to do with blogging when it was the cool new thing in 2009.

But at the time, I was already a technology PR writing coach. And yes, I was answering similar questions, which – to the askers – felt new and even painful.

Fast-forward to now: There’s a pretty sizable bank of great advice, all of it tailored to writing, editing, pitching and strategic thinking for PR. And it’s free. For you.

Here’s a sampling:

  1. Pitches — Rookie mistakes to avoid when pitching news media
  2. Press releases – Fast way to write resonant lead for product announcement
  3. Surveys – How big should the sample size be?
  4. Award submissions – Top-tier winners use narrative structure
  5. Editing others — Three+ tips for editing others
  6. Competitive analysis – Make the leap to top-tier business press
  7. Punctuation — Apostrophe S: Is it Edwards’ blog or Edwards’s blog?
  8. All writing – Choose verbs that invigorate

You can find more posts like this on my website and on my old blogspot blog.

I never intended to create this huge bank of posts. Each one began as a spontaneous response to an actual problem or question on a PR team.

Gradually over the years, I saw patterns in the problems, patterns in the solutions, and finally patterns in my responses.

Workshops were born.

And then a company: WriteCulture.

I chose the name because most PR documents are team-written. A team’s processes and dynamics can even more important than the “skills training” itself. My aim is to leave agencies and in-house teams with a self-sustaining culture of self-improvement.

You probably know many people who have been trained by us. If you start mentioning my name, I bet you’ll find nods of familiarity and appreciation.

Let’s see. Do you know any of the people below?

“Our pitches have gotten a huge number of responses — four hits yesterday alone. I’ve been hearing rumblings of excitement in the office about that.”

— Korina Buhler

“I  spent 30 minutes cranking out a revised version of an article and got the best response I’d ever had. One person told me they got teary-eyed while reading it.”

— Ben Noble

“We have won every award we’ve submitted for, and Lauren helped with all of those. She has given me a lot of confidence.”

— Ali Kazen

“When I ask executives to answer questions, take interviews, or help me with a project, I get a much higher “yes” return on these asks than my colleagues.”

— Sarah Bennett

“Within an hour, Lauren changed my perception of writing and helped our team create a customized process. We re-examined our writing with her “pre-writing tool kit.”

— Karen Lee

“In my 10+ years in communications, I’ve yet to experience writing training as comprehensive, practical, and effective as WriteCulture’s.

— Eddie McGraw

“WriteCulture can teach the full spectrum: strategic pre-writing, connecting technology to business, words that illuminate, and precise editing that builds credibility.”

— Emily Douglas

“WriteCulture’s teaching style and process helped my team build trust in themselves and communicate more clearly. Worth the investment!”

— Travis Murdock

Ninety-five percent of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals, mostly from previously trained people who have been promoted and want their new team to get the same great results.


WriteCulturecreates, customizes and delivers workshops for technology PR teams on writing, editing, pitching and strategic thinking.

Contact usto explore the possibility of training for your in-house or agency team.

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About Lauren Edwards

A former AP journalist prepared this menu of tips and advice for you to share today with your own PR team.

Lauren Edwards has been a technology PR writing coach since 2000, and “inadvertantly” created a huge bank of free resources.

Topics range from pitching to punctuation.

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