Communications Internships

Learn How to Think Strategically

PRSA Silicon Valley's internship program is a training course that allows students the ability to think strategically.

Our interns learn basic principles of introspection to evoke personal curiosity and initiative. Once foundational knowledge is shared and implemented, they learn how to craft communication strategies that are cross-departmental.


Internship Benefits
  • Students learning hands-on strategic development
  • Cross-departmental learning
  • A modular and scalable approach
Sponsor Investments
  • Direct Cost: $3,600
  • Indirect Cost: $750
  • Supports 12 weeks of training
Internship Benefits
The curriculum is designed based on what our interns likely work on in their first positions, such as writing agendas, recap reports, status reports, implementing presentations and project management.


Understanding the intern's motivations, passions and areas of improvement at the onset provides a firm foundation and clear path to success and planning.
Consistency and accountability of reporting allow visibility for the intern and their manager. Regular 1:1 conversations allow for relationship building and open communication in a safe environment.
At the end of the program, interns establish more clarity in career and next steps. Additionally, our program boosts confidence during presentational public speaking.

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Spotlight: Intern Raina Stroescu

Raina Stroescu

“My internship with PRSA-SV has taught me lessons I will carry with me into my next internship and future career once I graduate college. I now consider these lessons useful tools I might not have gained in a classroom setting.”

Raina Stroescu

We are proud of our PRSA Silicon Valley intern, Raina Stroescu. She is currently a student at the University of Oklahoma, studying Public Relations. Read about Raina’s key takeaways during her internship below.

Raina's Project

This is a sample project that intern Raina worked on with her mentor Mega S. Jewell.

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